About Us

We started Fuzzy Friends after years of experience in veterinary clinics and talking with friends in the dog world. People would consistently complain that the only accessories they could find for their doggo was either poorly made, cheap products that failed within months or weeks, or expensive products that were very nice, until the first playdate. We strive to make good quality products for your dogs and ours, that are reasonably priced and will last. If you have suggestions for new products, new colors or new features, please reach out to our team. We have built our small business on the collective ideas of our community.

Dr. Chad

It has been a long and winding road for Dr. Chad and his love for animals. After spending 5 years on a US Navy ship stationed in South East Asia, he explored different interests before heading back to school to become a veterinarian. From spay/neuter trips in Central America (right) to work with rescue groups, to advanced medicine like laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Chad has found his passion and has dedicated his life to helping animals.

Handsome Hank

Handsome Hank came to us from a wonderful English Mastiff rescue organization in South Florida named Mastiff Rescue of Florida. They estimate that Hank was dumped at an animal control facility when he turned 3 years of age, the typical age breeders dump males. It took us weeks just to get hank to venture out onto grass but he has made leaps and bounds since then and is a wonderful, happy, fashionable boy!

Earl the Pearl

Earl started life with a very nice family but unfortunately circumstance changed and they couldn't keep him. On their way to the Humane Society, they stopped by a veterinary clinic to see if anyone could take Earl in. It was a bumpy start to a dog that has grown just as large in our hearts and he has in physical size. Weighing in at 100 lbs, Earl's size betrays his happy-go-lucky, eager personality and gentle demeanor.

Zoey, Chairman

Zoey started life behind the curve due to a non-functional right front leg. As a 6 week old kitten, a good samaritan during a thunderstorm and brought her to a local veterinary clinic where she was thoroughly examined and found to have no trauma or damage, she just couldn't use her leg. We suspect nerve damage during the birthing process This has not kept her from close, affectionate interaction with her much larger canine brothers or from appointing herself chairman and operational boss of Fuzzy Friends.